Wreaths laid at Arthog war memorial

The Mawddach Estuary
War Memorials

The familiar sight of war memorials in our towns and villages, commemorating the fallen from the surrounding areas, is a comparatively new phenomenon and was very uncommon before the First World War.

Wreaths laid at the War MemorialsPrior to this, Officers might have a plaque in the family church, but the rank and file were commemorated en-masse, bundled together by battle, regiment, or forgotten completely. It was not so many years before that the Duke of Wellington described his troops as containing “the scum of the earth” and revealed more of his impressions when listing their motives for joining up: “Some of our men enlist from having got bastard children, some for minor offences and many more for drink.”

Certainly troops were often drawn from the lowest segments of society, and were not deemed worthy of individual recognition. With the First World War, the volunteering and then conscription that filled the ranks meant that the troops were no longer drawn from an easily forgotten underclass, but were next-door neighbours, local tradesmen, brothers, fathers, husbands. These men were worthy of remembrance, and as the losses soared, small impromptu memorials, much like those now common at the site of road traffic accidents, sprung up on street corners, village greens and civic centres around the nation’s towns and villages. When peace arrived in 1918 there were moves to make these permanent, and local committees were set up to create fitting memorials.

As essentially community projects, there was no national format for war memorials, and even within the small sample detailed here, there is great variation in layout and in the information presented. Even the dates of the wars are not consistent. Most war memorials date of the First World War’s end as the armistice of 11 November 1918, but some date the end of the war as being when the Versailles Treaty was signed in 1919, which was when many of the troops finally returned home. Legally, the formal peace treaties were not complete until the last, the Treaty of Lausanne, was signed on 23 August 1923. Along with the soldier’s name, some here detail the house or farm name, some the rank and/or regiment, but even the order in which names are listed is not consistent. Barmouth goes with alphabetical order, whereas Bontddu opted to list the names in the sequence of the men’s death, and details the year and location. A few differentiate between the nature of the loss, such as the ‘Killed’, ‘Drowned’ or ‘Died’ groupings at Tywyn Church.

There are a number of women detailed amongst the fallen from both World Wars, and this also results in a number of different formats within the memorial listings. In Tywyn Church, Jane Roberts, a Nursing Sister lost in the sinking of a First World War hospital ship has a completely separate entry on the memorial. At Dolgellau, Mary Smith of Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps is listed in the same manner as the men of the First War, but appears first and out of alphabetical sequence. It perhaps reflects the changes in social structure between the wars that Eileen Williams of the Women’s Royal Naval Service has the same listing as the other casualties of the Second World War on both Tywyn memorials, and the same is true for Mary Bennett, of the Auxillary Territorial Service, on the Dolgellau monument.

By comparison to my childhood home of West Lancashire, where the local village memorials are to be found in the Parish Church grounds, there seems to be a secular approach to the siting of memorials in this part of rural Wales. Again it is a small sample size, but all of the local memorials are set in public space. At Llwyngwril, where the monument is set within the corner of the church graveyard, the line of the wall appears to have been shifted to place the memorial outside consecrated land. There are certainly memorials to congregation members within the local churches, but the names listed are duplications of those on the main public memorial. Perhaps the exception to this is Tywyn, where the public memorial was erected in 1990, much later than that in the parish church.

War memorials have become popular subjects of historical research, both for the people commemorated, but also the people who campaigned for their erection, where they built them, who dedicated them etc. Nice pieces of work already detail the background to the people listed on the Dolgellau, Dyffryn Ardudwy and Llanbedr memorials, and there is extensive information about memorials in the adjacent area of Ceredigion. We undertook to transcribe our local memorials to fill a gap in the on-line resources currently available. Some of the lead-work lettering of memorials, most notably Llanfachreth, has succumed to the Welsh weather, and is now barely legible, so it seemed like a timely thing to be doing. Where we have come across links to further information, these have been noted in the text, but these links tend to focus on those with an unusual name or significant rank. Sadly the ordinary men of the line seem to be the first to be forgotten. As with all genealogical study, there is the temptation to assume that the person you find is the person you are looking for. With the scant information taken from the memorials, little of which has been cross-referenced from other sources, we have perhaps made incorrect links, and welcome your thoughts, corrections and links to any further information, along with better translations for the inscriptions in Welsh.

“Lest we Forget”

The geographic positions of all the war memorials are marked on a google map that can be found here. Many of the memorials can also be viewed on using the google streetmap facility.

View Mawddach War Memorials in a larger map

Higher resolution copies of the memorial photos shown below can be viewed on Flikr here.

Beyond village war memorials, there are many remains of 20th century military activity in the area; from hill-top memorials to beach defences, there are over 50 different sites in and around the Mawddach Estuary to be explored on foot, by bike or by car. See here for further details.

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Arthog Memorial

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Tywyn Memorial Gardens



The war memorial is set within the front wall of a church enclosure on the promenade and is clearly visible on Google Streetmap

Grid Ref: SH 615 960

Aberdyfi Upper Inscription:

Dros Dduw, Eu Brenin Au Gwlad*
In Memoriam 1914 - 1918

2/LT R.W. Atkin. R.F.A.
2/LT R. Shorland Ball. R.I.Fus.
PTE H.L. Davies. S.Staffs.Regt
PTE J.C. Davies. Welsh Regt
PTE O.D. Davies. R.A.R.E.
PTE L.T. Eynon. R.W.Fus.
PTE R.O. Griffith. R.F.A.
CPL I.J. Jones. R.W.Fus.
PTE O.T. Jones. N.Staffs.Regt
PTE W. Jones. R.W.Fus.
2/LT P.S. Joyce. R.A.F.
PTE Ivor Lumley. M.G.Corps.
PTE D. Morgan. S.W.B.
L/CPL E.R. Millington, S.W.B.
PTE C. Millington. R.W.Fus.
2/LT J.A. Proctor. R.F.A.

LT John Phillips. R.N.R.
L/CPL B.C. Power. R.Wark.Regt
LT L.H. Ruck. Worstr.Regt
PTE J. Richards. R.W.Fus.
PTE R.Savage. Yorks.Regt
PTE E.G. Silk. R.Wark.Regt
SGT H.C. Thomas R.W.Fus.
PTE H. Thomas. Welsh Guards.
L/CPL A. Williams. S.W.B.

*For God, King and Country.

Aberdyfi Lower Inscription:

World War 1939 -1945
Aberdovey Roll of Honour

Capt. C. Austin Arthur. S.W.B.
Sgt. Seymore Clare. R.A.F.
Major J.R. Dain. R.L.R.
Fus. Owen Leslie Davies. R.W.F.
Capt. Linus Evans. R.W.F.
Tpr. Harry C. Green. R.A.C.
Gnr. John M. Hayler R.A.
Commando Max Laddie. 10th C.U.
Sgt. J.C. Lloyd. R.A.F.
Cadet J. Vincent Parry. M.N.
Ft/Lt. John Rees. R.A.F.
Sgt. Wilfred O. Shortland. R.A.F.
Sgt. Jack Smith R.T.R.
Lt. David M. De. R. Winser. R.A.M.C.

“Lest We Forget”


  1. A Capt. Linus Evans. R.W.F is also commemorated on the Aberystwyth (St Davids Church) War Memorial. He was killed in the fighting following the advance from the Normandy Beach landings in early 1945. See here.
  2. Max 'Laddie' Lewinsky was part of “No.3 (Jewish) Troop” of No.10 Commando, made up of German-speaking Jewish refugees. He was killed during the D-Day Landings of 1944.
  3. A Sgt Wilfred Owen Shortland was observer in one of seven No.15 Squadron Blenheims lost on an operation to destroy the strategic bridges on the Albert Kanaal at Maastricht in 1940. He is detailed as coming from Bedfordshire, so it is uncertain whether this is the same person.
  4. David Winser was a Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps attached to 48 Commando. He was awarded the military cross for gallantry and was killed in action in 1944 aged 29. In his earlier life he had been a prize-winning poet and rowed for Oxford. Again the connection to Aberdyfi is unclear, but the area has strong connections with the Royal Marines and in particular the preparations for the D-Day landings.

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Aberdyfi war memorial
Aberdyfi memorial

Aberdyfi war memorial: upper panel
Aberdyfi memorial: upper panel

Aberdyfi war memorial: lower panel
Aberdyfi memorial: lower panel


The war memorial is sited on a rocky outcrop above a road junction and is clearly visible on Google Streetmap

Grid Ref: SH 629 135

Arthog Upper Inscription:

Erected by the inhabitants of this district in honoured memory of those who fell in the 1914 Great War 1918

Thomas Donegan Cwm
Ellis Jones Evans Murneuadd
Joseph Evans Fairbourne
Daniel Jones Arthog
John Jones Pantllan
John Lloyd Barmouth Junction
William Lloyd Fairbourne
R. Octavius Newell Barmouth Junction
John Pugh Brynmeuric
Thomas Roberts Ty’Nlldiart
Arthur Whittall Fairbourne
Elias R. Williams Murneuadd
Morris Williams Arthog

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*

Arthog Lower Inscription:

World War

William T. Lewis. Arthog.
Trevor Rees. Fairbourne.
Charles F. Finlay. Arthog.
John Ll. Rees. Arthog.

*Their deeds will not die


  1. Tommy Roberts of Ty'nllidiart is listed on both the Arthog and Dolgellau memorials.


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Arthog war memorial
Arthog memorial

Arthog war memorial: detail
Arthog memorial: detail


The war memorial is set within pleasure gardens which are visible on Google maps

Grid Ref: SH 610 161

Barmouth East Face Upper Inscription(weathered):


This park and monument are
dedicated to the memory of
the gallant men connected
with Barmouth who fought
and fell in defence of the
right in the Great War of
1914 – 18

“Greater love hath no
man than this, that a
man lay down his life
for his friends”
St. John XV.13

Barmouth East Face Lower Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*

Evan J. Allen, Harbour View, H.M.S. “Recruit”
John Astley, Cumberland Place, A.S.C.
Herbert Berridge, Riviera House, 2nd Linc. Regt.
Edward A. Blacker, Victoria Buildings, W. Yorks. Regt.
Maurice Buckley, Graigmynach, R.W.F.
David Davies, Glandwr, Welch Regt.
D. Oswald Davies, Green Hill, R.W.F.
Hugh Davies, Cambrian Street, M. Marine
Thomas Davies, Penlan, R.W.F.
Harry Dudley, Coesfaen, R.W.F.
Griffith O. Edwards, Moss Bank, R.W.F.
John Rees Edwards, Morben Villa, Middlesex Regt.
E. Llewelyn Evans, Bridge Cottage, R.E.
Joseph Ll. Evans, Idris Temperance, R.W.F.

*Their deeds will not die

Barmouth North Face Lower Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*

John R. Evans, Moss Bank, R.W.F.
Thomas G. Foulkes, S Marine Parade, R.S.L.I.
Leyster Llewelyn Greener, Ty’r Craig, R.W.R.
Wright Greenwood, Bridgefield House, Lancs. F.
Ellis Griffith, Bennar Terrace, R.W.F.
Robert Ellis Griffith, Aberamffra, H.M.S.“Laurentic.”
Wynne Griffith, Gables, R.W.F.
Arthur Wilson Hughes, Glanydon, Can.I.
David W. Humphreys, Water Street, H.M.S. “Southampton.”
Herbert Ingram, Orielton Hall, K.L. Regt.
Arthur Jones, Celynin View, A.I.F.
David Jones, Celynin View, A.I.F.
John Parry Jones, Glanyllyn Temperance, R.W.F.
John Richard Jones, Tanygrisiau, Can.I.

*Their deeds will not die


  1. Captain LL Greener, a highly proficient rifleman, serving with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment was awarded the military cross for his role as a Sniping Officer to the 2/6th Battalion. He was killed by shell-fire on the 5th December 1917 at Cambrai where he is on the Louverval Memorial to the Missing. He is also remembered at St. Mary and St. Bodfan's church in Llanaber.
  2. Robert Ellis Griffiths (note spelling) is listed amongst 354 killed when HMS Laurentic, carrying gold bullion from the UK to Canada, struck a mine off the Irish coast in 1917. He is also commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.
  3. David Humphreys of HMS Southhampton is listed amongst the casualties of the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
  4. Further background to the commemorated men can be found here.

Barmouth West Face Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*
Edwin Tudor Jones, Kings Crescent, R.W.F.
Robert Lloyd, Tal Isa, R.W.F.
Francis Morris, Riviera House, R.W.F.
Hugh Cynhaiarn Morris, Glyndwr, M. Marine.
John Morris, Glyndwr,R.W.F.
William Morris, Tanyfedw, W. Yorks Regt.
William Edmund O’Neill, Brynawel, Suffolk Regt.
John Owen, Ecolefechan, R.G.A.
William R. Owen, Ty Gwyn Buildings, R.W.F.
Ernest Powell, Brynmynach, R.W.F
Robert Griffith Rees, Brynymor, R.W.F.
David Richards, Leamington House, R.E.
Cadwalader Glyn Roberts, Epworth Villa, R.W.F.
Robert H. Roberts, Penlan, R.W.F.

*Their deeds will not die

Barmouth South Face lower Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*

Arthur Wilson Roberts, Brynmawddach, A.I.F.
Alfred James Strongman, Aberamffra, R.W.F.
Evan Thomas, Craigydon Cottage, R.W.F.
Robert Thomas, Church Place, R.W.F.
Herbert Tyler, Orielton Hall, R.W.F.
Cuthbert Vaughan, Glandwr Mill, R.W.F.
Stanley Walker, Corsygedol Hotel, R.W.F.
Elias R. Williams, Green Hill, R.W.F.
Robert Williams, Glencairn, R.W.F.
Thomas Lewis Williams, 1 Beach Road, H.M.S. “Hermione”
Thomas Williams, 1 Clanaber Terrace, H.M.S. “Black Prince”
H.J. Wynne Williams, Glantraeth, R.W.F.
William Williams, School House, R.F.A.
William Williams, Goronwy Terrace, Can.I.

*Their deeds will not die


  1. Thomas Williams, a Chief Motor Mechanic with the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, is recorded as having died through illness in 1918 whilst serving aboard HMS "Hermione."
  2. Thomas Williams, Petty Officer, was killed when HMS "Black Prince" was lost with all hands during the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
  3. Further background to the commemorated men can be found here.

Barmouth North Face Upper Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*
1939 -1945

Bernard Bestwick, Harbour View, R.H.
Kenneth Ellis, Carth, R.W.F.
Edward Field, Tainewyddion, R.N.V.R.
Hywel Griffiths, Gibraltar TCE, R.N.V.R.
Richard Hughes, Drill y Car, R.A.F. V.R.
Evan Jones, Midland Flats, P.C.
R. Emrys Jones, Maypole House, R.A.F.
Keith Lanman, Lawrenny Lodge, R.N.V.R.
Idris Lewis, Beach House, R.A.F. V.R.
Arthur Ll. Lewis, Llwyn Gelyn, I.A.

*Their deeds will not die

Barmouth South Face Upper Inscription:

Mewn Anghof Ni Chânt Fod*

E. Einion Morris, Glan-Glasfor, W.G.
Orthin Vauhan Owen, Epworth Villa, R.A.F. V.R.
Owen Parry, Rose Hill, R.N.V.R.
David Prewer, Glanmawddach, R.A.F. V.R.
F.A. Price, Enfield, S.A.F.
E.A.W. Read, Park Road, R.A.S.C.
Humphrey Roberts, Fronderw, R.A.F.
Rowland Rowlands, Goronwy Tce. R.N.V.R.
Bryan Thomas, Cumberland Hse., R.A.F. V.R.
Eryl Hughes Williams, The Rectory, R.N.V.R.

*Their deeds will not die


  1. An Owen Parry, Stoker, serving aboard HMS "Abdiel" is listed as missing presumed killed following the loss of the ship in 1943.
  2. A Rowland Rowlands, Able Seaman, serving aboard HMS "Rawalpindi" is listed as missing presumed killed following the loss of the ship in 1939.
  3. An Edward Eryl Hughes-Williams RNVR, serving with Fleet Air Arm 828 Sqn, on HMS "Victorious" was killed in the disasterous Kirkenes Raid, July 1941, and is commemorated on the FAA memorial at Lee on Solent
  4. Further background to the commemorated men can be found here.

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Barmouth war memorial: west face
Barmouth memorial: west face

Barmouth war memorial: east upper panel
Barmouth memorial: east upper panel

Barmouth war memorial: east lower panel
Barmouth memorial: east lower panel

Barmouth war memorial: north lower panel
Barmouth memorial: north lower panel

Barmouth war memorial: west lower panel
Barmouth memorial: west lower panel

Barmouth war memorial: south lower panel
Barmouth memorial: south lower panel

Barmouth war memorial: north upper panel
Barmouth memorial: north upper panel

Barmouth war memorial: south upper panel
Barmouth memorial: south upper panel


The war memorial is adjacent to the village hall and is clearly visible on Google streetmaps

Grid Ref: SH 672 189

Er Cof Am
Y Meibion O’r Ardal Hon. A
Syrthiasant Yn Y Rhyfel Mawr*
1914 – 1918

PTE John Jones, Tynglanyrafon, 10th R.W.F. France, 1916.
PTE John Pugh, Cefncam Cottage, 12th E. Surrey Regt. France, 1916.
PTE John Davies, Borth Cottage, 7th R.W.F. Palestine, 1917.
PTE Ralph Davies, Borth Cottage, 7th R.W.F. Palestine, 1917.
LIEUT E. Enfield Lawford, Borthwnog, 20th Deccan Horse, France 1917.
PTE Evan Williams, Bwlch Coch, 7th R.W.F. Palestine, 1917.
LCE CORP Hugh Pugh, Glanronwy, M.G.C. France 1918
Phillip Brewer, Rhuddallt, Seaman on S.S. Ypresville, Died at sea 1918

Byw I Farw, Marw’r Ym I Fyw
We Live to Die, We Die To Live.

Pilot Officer Arthur James Fitchett, 51st Squadron Bomber Command 25. June 1943

*In Memory Of The Sons From This Area Who Fell In The Great War 1914-1918


  1. Lieutenant E. Enfield Lawford of 20th Deccan Horse, Indian Army, was killed in action 13th June 1917. He is commemorated on The Neuve Chapelle Indian Memorial.. A memorial plaque issued to his next of kin is held by the National Army Museum. An E.E. Lawford of a different address is listed on the Dolgellau monument.
  2. Pilot Officer Arthur J. Fitchett, the navigator of a Halifax bomber, was lost along with 7 other crew when his plane crashed into the North Sea. The aircraft was part of a raid on the German city of Wuppertal, but was intercepted and shot down as it crossed the coast of Holland. Only two of the crew were washed ashore; the rest remain missing. Fitchett is buried at Castricum cemetry in The Netherlands.

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Bontddu war memorial
Bontddu memorial

Bontddu war memorial: upper panel
Bontddu memorial: upper panel

Bontddu memorial: lower panel
Bontddu memorial: lower panel


The war memorial is set within pleasure gardens, east of Bont Fawr, which are visible on Google maps. Access is good but it is not an immediately obvious location. The monument was originally located in Eldon Square but was moved to its current location some time after 1955. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here and here.

Grid Ref: SH 7292 1795

Dolgellau West Face upper Inscription

Y Rhyfel
A Ddug Angau
Ni Ddwg Angof.*

Mary E. Smith, Park Lane.
Richard Browne, Brynteg.
George Collins, Ganllwyd.
Frank N. Coops, Plasucha.
William Donan, Bryngwin.
David J. Davies, Brynteg.
D. Oswald Davies, Queens Square.
Gomer Davies, Froheulog Cottages.
Hughie Davies, Ivy Cottage.
David J. Edwards, Well Street.
John Edwards, Green Lane.
Richard Edwards, Upperfield Street.
Edward Evans, Rhydymain.
Evan W Evans, Hafodoer.
H. Trebor Evans, Hafodoer.
Hugh E. Evans, Rhydymain.
Howell Evans, Tyddynymoch.
J. Hugh Evans, Park Lane.
J. Thomas Evans, Froheulog Cottages.
Richard Evans, Maescaled.
Richard Evans, Meyrick Square.
Thomas Evans, Brithdir.
William Evans, Pandy'rodyn.
William L. Evans, Caetanws.
J. F. Finnis, Rock Cottage.
S. Gant, Abergwynant Lodge.

*The War
When Death Comes
It Does Not Mean We Forget


  1. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here and here.
  2. Mary Smith, of Queen Mary’s Army Auxilliary Corps, died at home and is buried in the Dogellau churchyard extension. She is the only woman listed amongst the WW1 dead, and is named first and out of alphabetical sequence. By comparison, Mary Bennett, of the Auxillary Terratorial Service, is listed in sequence amongst the WW2 dead.

Dolgellau South Face Inscription:

Dafydd Griffith, Glanwnion.
Griffith D. Griffith, Glanwnion.
James Griffith, Cader Road.
Robert W. Griffith, Rhydymain.
Watcyn Griffith, County School.
Willie J. Griffith, Talyrafon Buildings.
Fred Harness, Penmaen.
Evan Hughes, Wnion Square.
William Hughes, Siloh.
Hugh T. Humphreys, Well Street.
John Humphreys, Well Street.
John R. Humphreys, Market Hall.
Robert Humphreys, South Street.
John R. James, Rhydyrnain.
W. E. James, Rhydymain.
Isaac L. Jenkins, Wnion Square.
Abram Jones, Penbrynglas.
David Jones, Dolfawr.
David Jones, Cae'rtyddyn.
Evan Jones, Park Lane.
Eynon Ll. Jones, Derwen House.
George Jones, Bontyrarran.
John Jones, South Street.
John H. Jones, Taicynhaeaf.
Harry Jones, Lombard Street.
John Lewis, Frongoch
Arthur E. Lewis, The Rectory


  1. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here and here.
  2. The last two names, John Lewis and Arthur E Lewis are out of sequence with the list, which continues with Jones on the next face. The entry for Arthur at least appears to have been added later, and "the Rectory" is written in a slightly different format to other entries.

Dolgellau East Face Inscription:

They are not dead
Such spirits never die

Lewis Jones, Rhydymain.
Morris Jones, Clywedog.
Owen Jones, Ochryfoel.
Teddy Jones, Bontyrarran.
Willie Jones, Park Lane.
Willie H. Jones, Rhydwenfa.
Joseph Kynaston, South Street.
Edward E. Lawford, Argoed.
H. Morris Lloyd, Ganllwyd.
Eiddon T. Marchant, Rhydymain.
Joseph Martin, Bryncoedifor.
R. H. Mills, Brynbella.
Francis V. Morris, Park Row.
James Morris, Tudno Villa.
Evan Morgan, Froheulog Cottages.
Aneurin Owen, Dregerrig.
G. Christmas Owen, Bryngwenallt.
Harry Owen, Frongaled.
Hugh R. Owen, Park Lane.
J. Herbert Owen, Maestalarran.
Malcolm Owen, Brithdir.
Owen Owen, Bontyrarran.
Willie R. Owen, South Street.
Owen Owens, Dolgwartheg.
Peter Price, Fronoleu.
Arthur Pugh, Ty'nymynydd.
W. Ellis Jones, Tanycoeden.


  1. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here and here.
  2. Edward E. Lawford of Argoed appears to be a different person to the E. Enfield Lawford of Borthwnog, recorded on the Bontddu memorial. It was the latter who served with the 20th Deccan Horse.
  3. Second Lieutenant Griffith Owen was killed at Pilkemridge, Ypres on 31st July 1917 and is buried at Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Belgium. His inscription reads: OF BRYNGWENALIT / DOLGELLY, N. WALES / ‘A DDUG ANGAU NI DDWG ANGOF’ and has been translated as ‘From Bryngwenalit, Dolgellau, N. Wales / “When Death comes it does not mean we forget”’. This inscription is also used on the west face of the Dolgellau memorial. He is also commemorated on his fathers grave in Llanelltyd church yard.
  4. W. Ellis Jones is listed out of sequence.

Dolgellau North Face Inscription:

Howell Pugh, South Street.
Hugh Pugh, Hendregefeilliad.
Joshua Pugh, Fronallt Cottage.
Richard Ll. Pugh, South Street.
Robert Pugh, Helygog.
William Rees, Ochryfoel Isaf.
Arthur R. Roberts, Sarn Road.
Evan Roberts, Talyrafon Buildings.
William Roberts, Talyrafon Buildings.
Harry Roberts, Cambrian House.
Hugh Roberts, Cader Road.
R. Bowen Roberts, Clogwyn.
Thomas Roberts, Ty'nllidiart.
Edward Rowlands, Hafodymeirch.
Frank Ruddle, Bodlondeb.
William Stevens, Henefail.
Heber Thomas, Haulfryn.
Frank Wheeler, Ganllwyd.
Ben O. Williams, Glyn-afon.
Evan J. Williams, Lawn Cottage.
Hugh Williams, Upper Court.
Meredith R. Williams, Chapel Buildings.
Percy Williams, Lawn Cottage.
Robert Williams, Mount Pleasant .Road.
William Williams. Rhydymain.
Richard Evans, Bontyrarran
J. W. J. Watkins, 14 English Terrace


  1. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here and here.
  2. Tommy Roberts of Ty'nllidiart is listed on both the Arthog and Dolgellau memorials.
  3. Richard Evans and J. W. J. Watkins are listed out of sequence. These entries share the stylistic differences noted for Arthur E. Lewis and may have been added at the same time.

Dolgellau West Face Lower Inscription:

Hefyd o’r Dref Hon*

Evan Emrys Davies,
Gwilym Grey Evans,
Robert Ellis Hughes,
Fred Jones,
Ivor Wyn Jones,
Dewi Cynfal Lewis,
Edward Lewis,
Eric Hall Lewis,
Arthur Maelor Owen,
Meirion Pugh,
Emlyn Roberts,
Thomas Bodley Scott
Thomas Owen Tippett

*Also from this town

Hefyd o’r Cylch Cyfagos*

Alexis A. Aladin
Mary R. Bennett,
Evan Williams Edwards
William Henry Ellis
Lewis Evans
Richard Griffiths
Einion Jones
Malcolm David Owen
Samuel Fred Pickvance
Ivor Wyn Pugh
Joseph Idris Rowlands
Charles Alexander Wynne-Jones

*Also from the surrounding area.


  1. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here.

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Dolgellau war memorial: west upper panel
Dolgellau memorial: west upper panel

Dolgellau war memorial: south panel
Dolgellau memorial: south panel

Dolgellau war memorial: east panel
Dolgellau memorial: east panel

Dolgellau war memorial: north panel
Dolgellau memorial: north panel

Dolgellau war memorial: west lower left panel
Dolgellau memorial: west lower left panel

Dolgellau memorial: west lower right panel
Dolgellau memorial: west lower right panel

Dolgellau Parish Church

The war memorial is set within St Mary's Church, at the Western end of the aisle, behind the font. The church is visible on Google maps. A background of many of the men and women listed on the Dolgellau monument can be found here.

Grid Ref: SH 727 178

Dolgellau Parish Church Upper Inscription:

To the Glory of God
In Memory of

Hugh Davies, Ivy Cottage. Killed in action in France, May 11th 1917.
George Jones, Arran Road. Killed in action at Sulva Bay, August 10th 1915.
Teddy Jones, Arran Road. Killed in action in France, August 13th 1918.
Harry Owen, Frongaled. Killed in action at Gaza, March 26th 1917.
John Herbert Owen, Maestalarran. Died of wounds at Rouen, April 1st 1918.
Hugh Roberts, Cader Road. Killed in action at Mons, January 1st 1915.
Frank Ruddle, Bodlondeb. Killed in action at Hill 60. nr. Zillebeke, Ypres, May 5th 1915.
Meredith Richard Williams, Chapel Buildings. Torpedoed on “Cameronian” in East Mediterranean, April 15th 1917

Members of this Church

Dolgellau Parish Church Lower Inscription:

Also In Memory Of The Following Members

Mary R.K. Bennet – Gilfach – A.T.S. Died on active service, Naples August 8 1944
Evan Emrys Davies – Ardd Fawr – Border Regiment. Killed in action, Burma July 28 1944
Arthur Jones – Mount Pleasant Road – R.E. Killed on active service, December 4 1942
Richard Einion Jones – Llindir – R.A. Killed in action, North Africa, August 25 1943
Edward Lewis – Cader Road – R.A. Killed in action at sea, February 12 1944
Thomas Bodley Scott – Bryn Y Gwin – Royal Berkshire Regiment. Killed in action, France July 8 1940

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Dolgellau Church war memorial
Dolgellau Church memorial

Dolgellau Church war memorial: upper panel
Dolgellau Church memorial: upper panel

Dolgellau Church war memorial: lower panel
Dolgellau Church memorial: lower panel

Dyffryn Ardudwy

The war memorial is set on a road junction in the village centre and is visible on Google maps.

Grid Ref: SH 586 234

Dyffryn Ardudwy Front Inscription:

Er Cof Am Y Bechgyn O’r Ardal
Hon A Gollwyd Yn Y Rhyfel Fawr

Ernest Clark. Stanley Davies.
Wm. Lloyd Davies. John Evans
Lewis Evans. Evan T. Griffith.
John Griffith. J.M. Lewis.
Seisyllt H. Lloyd. Thomas Lloyd.
Wm. Wynne Lloyd. Enoch R. Morgan.
David John Price. John Richards.
Edward Roberts. Wm. Richd. Thomas.
David Williams. Wm. James Wynne.

Garw Fu Rhoi’I Bridd I’r Briddell
Mwyaf Garw Oedd Marw Ymhell

*”In Memory Of The Sons Of This Area Who Were Lost In The Great War”

**From the Welsh Language Poem “Hedd Wyn” by R. Williams Parry 1924.
“Grievous was giving his earth to the earth,
Most grievous was dying far away.”
Hedd Wyn, a poet and bard from Trawsfynydd, was killed in the First World War.


  1. A background to the men commemorated on this memorial can be found here.

Dyffryn Ardudwy Side Inscription:

Hefyd Am Y Bechgyn
A Collwyd yn Rhyfel

Richard Jones
Llewelyn Lewis
William Lowe
Robert Idris Williams

*Also the Boys
Lost in War


  1. A background to the men commemorated on this memorial can be found here.
  2. The list of local war dead includes Keith Cyril Lanman, who is not named on the memorial. His parents lived in Dyffryn Ardudwy. His ship, SS Aracataca, was carrying fruit across the Atlantic to Britain in November 1940 when it was sunk by a German submarine west of Ireland. All of the crew got into the ship’s lifeboats. Some were eventually rescued but two of the lifeboats – including Keith’s – were never seen again. A Keith Lanman is listed on the Barmouth memorial, but his home is given as a Barmouth address.

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Dyffryn Ardudwy war memorial
Dyffryn Ardudwy memorial

Dyffryn Ardudwy war memorial: front panel
Dyffryn Ardudwy memorial: front panel

Dyffryn Ardudwy war memorial: side panel
Dyffryn Ardudwy memorial: side panel


This group of 3 memorials is set infront on a road junction and is visible on Google maps.

Grid Ref: SH 586 269

Llanbedr Front Inscription:

Er Cof Am Y Bechgyn O’r Ardal
Hon A Roddasant Bu Bywyd
Yn Y Rhyfel Fawr
“Mur Oeddynt Hwy I Nos a Dydd”**

Capt. T.R. Allaway M.C. S.W.B. Arto House
Sgt. I.M. Lewis R.W.F. Tanycoed
Sgt. T. Lloyd R.W.F. Pwllymarch
Sgt. W.J. Williams R.W.F. Tanywenallt
Pte. J.I. Evans Welsh Regt. Glanarto Cottage
“ O. Evans “ “
2nd A/M R.R. Humphreys R.F.C. Isallt
Pte. W.H. Jones Lab.Corps Glanrafon
Pnr. M.O. Lloyd R.E. Gellirwaun
Pte. W. Lloyd R.W.F. “
“ Rt. Owen R.W.F. Tynllidiart
“ Rd. Owen R.W.F. “
“ J. Richards R.W.F. Railway Crossing
Gnr. J. Richards R.G.A. Bronafon
Pte. R. Thomas R.W.F. Ty Isaf

*”In memory of the sons of this area who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918”
**” They were a wall unto us both by night and day” [1st Samuel XXV v.16]


  1. A background to the men commemorated on this memorial can be found here.

Llanbedr Side Inscription:

*Yn Y Rhyfel Mawr

Flt/s. T. Chadwick, Glyndwr
Cpl. R. LL. Jones, Gellibant
Pte. Rt. P. Jones, Brynmoel
Sgt. T. R. Jones, Morfa Mawr
L/s. A.C. Stringer, Craig Arto

*”In the Great War 1939-1945”


  1. A background to the men commemorated on this memorial can be found here.

Llanbedr: Left hand side Memorial:

Er Cof Annwyl Am
Corporal Barney Dylan Warburton,
Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Royal Engineers,
Llys Brithyll, Llanbedr
*Fu Farw Trwy Ddamwain, Drychinebus Yn 27 Oed
Tran Gwasanaethu Fel Cennad Hedd Dros Y
Cenhedloedd Unedig
Stari Vitez, Bosnia 19 Mawrth 1994.


  1. Corporal Barney Dylan Warburton was killed in a land-mine explosion whilst serving in a Royal Engineers bomb-disposal unit with the United Nations' peace keeping force.

Llanbedr: Right-hand side Memorial:

R.A.F. Llanbedr
This plaque
The memory of
Our brave men and women
Of the Royal Air Force
Who trained at this base
From 1941-1945


  1. This tablet commemorates the men and women who trained at the RAF base in Llanbedr from 1941 to 1945. Previously at Maes Artro, part of the original base complex, it was moved here in 2011.

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Llanbedr central war memorial
Llanbedr central memorial

Llanbedr central war memorial: front panel
Llanbedr central memorial: front panel

Llanbedr central war memorial: side panel
Llanbedr central memorial: side panel

Llanbedr left hand side war memorial
Llanbedr left hand side memorial

Llanbedr left hand side war memorial
Llanbedr left hand side memorial


The war memorial is set infront of the church enclosure and is visible on Google maps.

Grid Ref: SH 596 057

Yn Anghof Ni Chant Fod*

*They Shall Not Be Forgotten

Er Serchus Gof Am Y Bechgyn
O’r Plwyf Hwn Sydd A’u Henwau Isod Syrthiasant
Yn Y Rhyfel Mawr. 1914 - 1918**

**In Loving Memory Of The Boys
From This Parish Who Lost Their Lives In
The Great War. 1914 – 1918

CPL John Rees, Trawst, Killed France
PTE Griffith Jones, Top y Pentre, Killd Dardles
L.CPL Edward LL. Richards, Bodowyn, Killd Suvla Bay
PTE Evan Ellis, Islwyn, Killed France
PTE Walter Pugh, Peniarth Ucha, Killd France
PION Eben. Jones, PlasJolly, Died English Channel
PTE William Lloyd, Village, Died Alexandria
PTE Griffith Evans, Llwyn, Killed Palestine
PTE William Davies, Rhos, Killed France
PTE John Rees, Trychiad, Killed France
PTE Ellis Lewis, Trychiad, Died France
DRIV Evan Richards, Gwyddfryniau, Drowned France
PTE David G. Roberts, Cartref, Died Home
PTE John Morgan, Brynderw, Died Holyhead


  1. The majority of the people listed on theis memorial are also named on the Memorial Garden Monumnent at Tywyn under Llanegrin. Pioneer Eben Jones and Corporal John Rees are absent from the list. There is a CPL J. Rees listed under Bryncrug, and a PNR E. Jones listed under Llangelynin, neither of which fit particularly well with the locations given above.

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Llanegrin war memorial
Llanegrin memorial

Llanegrin war memorial: detail
Llanegrin memorial: detail


The war memorial is set on a road junction at the village centre and infront of the church enclosure and is visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 753 224

1914 1918
Yn Anghof Ni Chant Fod*

J.R. Jones. R.H.A Hengae
G.R. Jones. R.G.A. Tanygaer
R.M. Jones. R.G.A. Penyffridd
G.T. Jones. Gren. G’ds. Cwmheisian
Owen Jones. Welsh G’ds Ochryfoel
A.G. Price. Welsh G’ds Corsygarnedd
D.J. Davies. R.W.F. Brynteg
James Griffith. R.W.F. Ochryfoel
David Jones. R.W.F. Benrhos
J.C. Jones. R.W.F. Hengae
Joe Kynaston. R.W.F. Nannau
R.W. Owen. R.W.F. Boetheuog
R.O. Thomas. R.W.F. Glasgoed
E.R. Williams. R.W.F. Abergeirw
J.A.Owen. M.G.C. Tycerrig

*They Shall Not Be Forgotten

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Llanfachreth war memorial
Llanfachreth memorial

Llanfachreth war memorial: weathered detail
Llanfachreth memorial: weathered detail


The war memorial is set on a road junction opposite the chrurch and adjacent to the church yard. It is visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 590 093

Llwyngwril North Face Inscription:

Goffa’r Gwroniaid*
1914 - 1918
Yn Anghof Ne Chant Fod**
Their Name Liveth for Evermore

Private Evan Richard Evans
Private Emlyn Griffiths
Pioneer Eben Jones
Captain Evan Tudor Jones
Private James Thomas Jones
Corpl John Lloyd
Gunner William Lloyd
Private John Pugh
Sergt Arthur Wittal
Gunner John Owen Williams
Private Joseph Lloyd Williams
Pt Robert Williams – Pt Joseph Ll. Evans
James Grieve and six unknown sailors who were washed ashore here from a ship torpedoed in the bay and whose bodies lie in this churchyard.

*In Honoured Memory
**They Shall Not Be Forgotten


  1. Steam Yacht 'Kethailes', built in 1903, was handed over, to the Royal Navy in 1914 for use as an Armed Naval Auxiliary (also known as an 'Admiralty Armed Yacht') in the Yacht Patrol.

    On 11 October 1917 'Kethailes' sunk in the Irish Sea in a Collision near the Blackwater Light Vessel, off Wexford on the south-easternmost tip of Ireland. At least 6 persons aboard H.M.Y. 'Kethailes' died. The wreck has subsequently been positively identified by modern deep water divers. There is little information and much speculation about the other craft involved in the collision, the suspicion being a large allied warship.

    In the churchyard of Llwyngwril are buried, all in one common grave, Second Engineer James Grieve, of the Mercantile Marine Reserve, and five unidentified ratings from H.M. Yacht 'Kethailes'. Personnel lost with no identified body ever found included:
    - Abraham, Alfred Henry (Steward, Mercantile Marine Reserve), aged 39, of Hyde Park Road, Portsmouth, England;
    - Keers, Joseph (Chief Petty Officer + Carpenter, Mercantile Marine Reserve), aged 54, of 2022 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada;
    - McCulloch, James (Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve), aged 30, of 'Blairmount', Rennie Street, Falkirk, Scotland.
    This leaves at least two bodies unaccounted for by Commonwealth War Graves records.

Llwyngwril West Face Inscription:


PLT/OFF. C. de G. Findlay.
SGT/OB. J. M. Iliff.
SGT. W. T. Lewis.
FL/LT. J. Ll. Rees.
F/SGN-LR. T. L. Rees.
F/SGT. D. H. Stinchcombe.
SGT/PLT J.C. Ward.
Maj. R. N. Cartside.
Fus. D. Lloyd.
A. C. I. J. Thomas

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Llwyngwril war memorial
Llwyngwril memorial

Llwyngwril war memorial: north face
Llwyngwril memorial: north face

Llwyngwril war memorial: west face
Llwyngwril memorial: west face


This large memoriale is set on a road junction close to the centre of town and is visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 745 009

Top Panel Inscription:

Coffar Dewr*

*Heros Remembered

Middle Panel Inscription:
Y Rhai Hyn A Roddodd Eu Bywyd
Dros Eu Gwlad Yn Nydd Ei Chyni

Thomas Arnold.
G. Arthur Caffrey.
Thomas Cudworth.
T. Owen Davies.
Jethro Davies.
Lewis J. Davies.
Emlyn H. Davies.
Robert Davies.
W. Ashton Evans.
David W. Evans.
John Evans.
Edward Evans.
Hugh P. Evans.
Evan J. Ellis.
Harry Fletcher.
Richard Griffiths.
David Griffiths.
G. Ellis Griffiths.
Arthur G. Gurney.
Hugh D. Hughes.
Thomas Hughes.
E. Burton Humphreys.
John R. Humphreys.
Rowland Jones.
J. Haydn Jones.
Hugh R. Jones.
John Jones.
John R Jones.
Haydn Lewis.
Edward Lewis.
David Lewis.
Percy Lewis.
J. Watkin Lewis.
William Lloyd.
David J. W. Mathews
Edward Owen.
T. Edgar Owen.
George G. Parry.
Willie Pritchard.
Maldwyn Richards.
Alfred Robinson.
J. Ellis Roberts.
W. Baxter Roberts.
Lloyd W. Roberts.
Roderick Roberts
Henry J. Rowlands.
David Thomas.
Richard H. Thomas.
D. Rowland Williams.
John R. Williams.
W. Louis Williams.
J Isaac Williams.

"Their Name Liveth For Evermore"


  1. A Private Thomas Cudworth of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, who worked previously as a cleaner on the Cambrian Railways, died on the 1st Sept 1918.
  2. Thomas Owen Davies was born in Machynlleth in 1893 and at some point left for Canada. In 1915, aged 22, he joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. When his battalion had been practically wiped out in a mass attack on 3 June 1916, he left the trenches and went into No Man’s land to bring in wounded men. For this action, he was recommended the Distinguished Conduct Medal, but it appears it was never awarded. In 1917 he contracted TB after 18 months in the trenches, and was discharged from the army. He died in 1921.
    Thomas was awarded the Canadian Memorial Cross and the 1914 - 1915 Star, reading KIA - short for Killed in Action. The medals were sent to his mother, Mary Ann Davies, in Machynlleth, and were for his dying as a result of his war service, rather than being killed in action. In 2005 the medals were rediscovered in a school desk in Machynlleth.
  3. Jethro Davies served as a Corporal with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, and died aged 22 in Sept 1915. He is commemorated on the Loos Memorial.
  4. Reverend Emlyn H Davies was a YMCA Chaplain attached to the Indian Labour Corps. He died on 18th March 1918 aged 41.
  5. David James William Mathews served with the 43rd Battalion of the Canadian Infantry, and died on October 26th 1917.
  6. Working as a postman before the war, Corporal Maldwyn Richards served with the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion, Welsh Regiment. He died on the 31st October 1917 aged 36 and is commemorated on the Jerusalem Memorial. He is buried in the Machynlleth Non-Conformist cemetery.
  7. William Baxter Roberts was a driver for the Royal Field Artillery. Born at Machynlleth, he lived in Cardigan prior to the war, and is commemorated on the memorial there. William was killed in action on 31 July 1917. He was 33 years old, and is buried at Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium.

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Machynlleth war memorial
Machynlleth memorial

Machynlleth war memorial: upper panel
Machynlleth memorial: upper panel

Machynlleth memorial: lower panel
Machynlleth memorial: lower panel

Pennal Memorial

The memorial is by the roadside and is visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 701 004

Pennal Top Panel Inscription:

Er Cof

Ddewrion Pennal
A Fu Farw Dros Eu Gwlad a Rhyddid
Yn Y Rhyfel Mawr 1914 – 1918**

Davies, PTE. D.
Griffiths, PTE. R.
Griffiths, PTE. D.
James, PTE. T.
Jones, GNR. D.O.
Jones, PTE. E.
Jones, PTE. J.E.
Jones, PTE. T.
Lascelles V.C. M.C. CPT A.M.
Lewis, SERGT. J.
Morgan, GNR.R
Morgan, GNR. J.
Pugh, PTE. R.
Rees, CPL. B.
Williams, SERGT. R.
Williams, PTE. R.
“Mur Oeddynt Hwy I Ni Nos A Dydd”***

*In memory unfading
***They were a wall for us night and day


  1. Arthur Moore Lascelles was a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. In 1918, about a year later, he was killed in action at Fontaine in France, aged 38, and is buried at Dourlers Communal Cemetery. Although detailed as being born in London, Arthur was living with his two siblings and parents at Penmaendyfi by 1891. By 1918 all three of the Lascelles children were dead, Arthur being the last.

Pennal Lower Panel Inscription:

Hefyd Y Rhai a Gollodd
Eu Bywyd Yn Yr Ail
Ryfel Byd
1939 - 1945*

Hugh Wynne
Idris Gwynfryn Lewis
Stanley Jones

Yn Anghof Ni Chant Fod*


  1. Gunner Hugh Thomas Wynne died on the first of July 1944 and is buried in the Ryes War Cemetry in France.

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Pennal war memorial: upper panel
Pennal memorial: upper panel

Pennal memorial: lower panel
Pennal memorial: lower panel

Tywyn Church

The porch to the church was built as a memorial, and contains tablets commemorating both WW1 and WW2. The church and porch are visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 588 009

Tywyn Church Inscription:

This Porch was erected by the Parishioners
As a thanksoffering to Almighty God for
The victorious peace vouchsafed to
Great Britain and her Allies at the
Termination of the Great War
A.D. 1914 - 1919

A testimony to the ready response made
From this Parish on the first day of
Hostilities by 71 members of the Territorial
Force, to the enlistment during the War
of 251 men and to the enrolment of 20
women in the service of H.M. King George V.

And a Memorial bearing the names
Of 30 Soldiers and a Nursing Sister,
Who Gave their lives for the honour
of the Empire and the liberties of
The World.

“Greater love hath no man than this,
That a man lay down his life
For his friends.” S.John XV. 13.
“Let us now praise famous men---
Their Bodies are buried in peace,
But their name liveth
For evermore.” Ecclesus XLIV. 1 and 14

Killed in Action
CPL John Rees. Gren:GDS. 14.3.1915. Neuve Chapelle.
L.CPL John P. Hughes. 1/7 R.W.F. 10.8.1915. Suvla Bay.
PTE John Morris. 17th R.W.F. 10.7.1916. Mametz Wood.
Dr. Isaac L. Jenkins. 1/10 Welsh Regt. 11.7.1916. France
CPL Arthur O. Williams. London Scot. 10.9.1916. France
SERGT Robert A. Roberts. 6th S.L.I. 16.9.1916. On the Somme.
PTE Walter E. Pugh 2/7 Man: Regt 21.3.1917. Au.La.Bassee.
C.Q.M.SERGT David J. Hughes. 8th K.S.L.I. 22.4.1917. Salonica.
2nd LT. Griffith E. Roberts. 6th Bord. Regt. 7.6.1917. Messines.

Killed in Action
L.CPL Ellis I. Williams. 8th K.O.R.L. 6.7.1917. Assas.
GNR Charles C. Davies. C.Batty R.G.A. 16.8.1917 Ypres.
2nd LT. John E. Beckingsale. 6th D.C.L.I. 22.8.1917 Ypres.
PTE William R. Jones. 14th R.W.F. 31.8.1917 Ypres.
PTE William E. Williams. 7th K.R.R. 11.10.1917 Ypres.
PTE John P. Owens. 49th M.G.C. 24.2.1918 Villers Faucon.
PTE Evan Griffiths. 2/8 Wor:Regt. 7.5.1918. Bethune.
PTE David Jones. Welsh Guards. 20.7.1918. France.
PTE John D. Jones. 7th Canadian Regt. 2.9.1918. Arras.

Died of Wounds
C.Q.M.SERGT Evan L. Jones. 1/7 R.W.F. 11.8.1915. Gallipoli.
PTE Frederick Morris. 1/7 R.W.F. 11.12.1915. Gallipoli.
L.CPL Robert Jones. 10th R.W.F. 6.1.1916. Poperhinghe Road.
BDR James E. Davies. R.F.A. 19.10.1916. Etaples.
SERGT Robert Williams. 1/7 R.W.F. 26.3.1917. Gaza.
PTE Evan M. Davies 48th M.G.C.. 3.3.1918. France.
CPL Richard W. James. 54th Can:Regt. 2.9.1918. Arras.

L.CPL John Rowlands. 1/7 R.W.F. 6.9.1915. Murdos Bay.
PTE Evan G. Owen. 14th R.W.F. 23.6.1916. Aubigny.
PTE John M.Jones. K.S.L.I. 28.4.1918. Giessen.
PTE William Evans. A.S.C. 17.10.1918. Vicenza.
PTE Hugh P. Ellis. 1/7 R.W.F. 19.10.1918. Gaza.

*Sister Jane Roberts. Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.
Hospital Ship “Salta” sunk of Havre. 10.4.1917


  1. Sister Jane Roberts is also commemorated on the HMHS Salta Memorial in the Saint Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, and the QAIMNSR Roll of Honour in York Minster.

Also in memory of
Those from this Parish
Who laid down their
Lives in the Second
World War : 1939 -1945

Thomas William Challoner
David Lewis Davies
Edward Owen Davies
Lewis Davies
William Thos Patrick Davies
David Alderson Edwards
John Henry Evans
David Richard Griffiths
William John Jarman
Edward Glyndwr Jones
Emyr William Jones
David Francis Lloyd
Archibald Dudley Middleton
Matthew Frank Morris
Claud Mehew Owen
Robert Graham Roberts
William Ifor Roberts
John Cuthbert Stivey
Eileen Williams

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Tywyn Church upper LHS: first panel
Tywyn Church upper LHS: first panel

Tywyn Church upper LHS: second panel
Tywyn Church upper LHS: second panel

Tywyn Church upper LHS: third panel
Tywyn Church upper LHS: third panel

Tywyn Church upper LHS: fourth panel
Tywyn Church upper LHS: fourth panel

Tywyn Church upper RHS: first panel
Tywyn Church upper RHS: first panel

Tywyn Church upper RHS: second panel
Tywyn Church upper RHS: second panel

Tywyn Church upper RHS: third panel
Tywyn Church upper RHS: third panel

Tywyn Church upper RHS: fourth panel
Tywyn Church upper RHS: fourth panel

Tywyn Church lower LHS: top panel
Tywyn Church lower LHS: top panel

Tywyn Church lower LHS: bottom panel
Tywyn Church lower LHS: bottom panel

Tywyn Memorial Gardens

Opened in 1990, the Tywyn memorial garden records men and women from Tywyn and the surrounding towns and villages.The garden is set adjacent to the road and is visible on Google Streetmap.

Grid Ref: SH 589 005

Tywyn Memorial Gardens Central Cross Inscription:

Er Coffadwriaeth
In Remembrance

Tywyn Memorial Garden Left Inscription:

J.E. Beckingsale 2nd LT.
C.C. Davies GNR.
E.M. Davies PTE.
J.E. Davies BDR.
H.P. Ellis PTE.
W. Evans PTE.
E. Griffiths PTE.
D.J. Hughes C.Q.M.S.
J.P. Hughes L.CPL.
R.W. James CPL.
I.L. Jenkins DR.MR.
E.L. Jones C.Q.M.S.
J.D. Jones PTE.
J.M. Jones PTE.
W.R. Jones PTE.
F. Morris PTE.
J. Morris PTE.
E.G. Owen PTE.
J.P. Owens PTE.
R.A. Roberts SGT.
J. Rowlands L.CPL.
A.O Williams CPL.
E.I. Williams L.CPL.
W.E. Williams PTE.

D. Jones PTE.
R. Jones L.CPL.
W. Pugh PTE.
J. Rees CPL.
G.E. Roberts 2ND. LT.
J. Roberts SISTER.

R.W. Atkin 2ND. LT.
C. Burgess PTE.
J.C. Davies PTE.
O.D. Davies PTE.
L.T. Eynon GNR.
R.O. Griffith GNR.
D.R. Jones PTE.
E.E. Jones LIEUT
O.T. Jones PTE.
W. Jones PTE.
P.S. Joyce 2ND. LT.
I. Lumley PTE.
C.H. Millington PTE.
E.R. Millington L.CPL.
D. Morgan PTE.
J. Phillips LIEUT.
B.C. Power L.CPL.
J.A. Proctor 2ND. LT.
J. Richards PTE.
L.H. Ruck LIEUT.
R. Savage PTE.
E.G. Silk PTE.
H.C. Thomas SGT.
H. Thomas PTE.
A. Williams. L.CPL.

H.L. Davies PTE.
T. James PTE.
*A.MVC.MC.Lascelles CPT
J. Lewis PTE.
R. Wiliams SGT.

T.H. Davies PTE.
W.J. Evans PTE.
D.G. Griffiths PTE.
W. Humphreys L.CPL.
W. Jones PTE.
E. Morgan PTE.
A. Owen PTE.
D. Roberts PTE.
T. Roberts L.CPL.
F. Williams PTE.

W. Davies PTE.
E. Ellis PTE.

We Shall Remember Them

Tywyn Memorial Garden Right Inscription:


G. Evans PTE.
G. Jones PTE.
E. Lewis PTE.
W. Lloyd PTE.
J. Morgan PTE.
W.E. Pugh PTE.
J. Rees PTE.
E.Ll. Richards L.CPL.
E. Richards Driver.
D.G. Roberts PTE.

E.R. Evans PTE.
J.Ll. Evans PTE.
E. Griffiths PTE.
E. Jones PNR.
E.T. Jones CAPT.
J.T. Jones PTE.
J. Lloyd CPL.
W. Lloyd GNR.
J Pugh PTE.
A Whittal SGT.
J.O. Williams DMR.
J.Ll. Williams PTE.
R. Williams PTE.


T.W. Challoner P.O.
D.L. Davies TPR.
E.O. Davies PTE.
L. Davies SIG.
W.T.P. Davies F.SGT.
D.A. Edwards SGT.
J.H. Evans PTE.
W.J. Jarman SGT.
E.G. Jones PTE.
D.F. Lloyd SPR.
A. Middleton FUS.
M.F. Morris SGT.
R.G. Roberts P.O.
W.I. Roberts SGT.
J.C. Stivey O.HMS.
E.E. Williams L.WRNS.

D.R. Griffiths GNR.
E.W. Jones GNR.
C.M. Owen SURG. L.T.

C.A. Arthur CAPT.
S. Clare SGT.
J.R. Dain MAJOR.
O.L. Davies FUS.
L. Evans CAPT
H.C. Green DVR.
J.M. Hayler BDR.
M. Laddy CMDO.
J.C. Lloyd SGT.
J.V. Parry CDT.
J.L. Rees F.LT.
W.O. Shortland SGT.
J. Smith SGT.

S. Jones GNR.
I.G. Lewis PTE.
H. Wynne GNR.

H.E. Davies SGT.
O.M. Ellis L.BDR.
J. Owen L.C2.
R.E. Pugh PTE.

J.M. Illif F.SGT.
D. Lloyd FUS.
D. Stinchcombe F.SGT.
J.C. Ward F.SGT.

Yn Angof Ni Chant Fod*
*Their deeds will not die


  1. There is an element of duplication between this later monument and the monuments in some of the villages mentioned. Not all of the villages mentioned have their own monument and this leads to an element of confusion. For example, of the 14 WW1 men listed on the Llwyngwril Monument, only 12 are detailed here, the other two seemingly allocated to other villages.
  2. See individual monuments for notes on the men and women listed.

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Tywyn Memorial Gardens
Tywyn Memorial Gardens

Tywyn Memorial Gardens: left panel
Tywyn Memorial Gardens: left panel

Tywyn Memorial Gardens: right panel
Tywyn Memorial Gardens: right panel

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