The Welsh Lxdies

They are a little bit naughty – but definitely nice
The Welsh Lady exists only in stage directions… but what if she had her own voice? What would she say?
The Welsh Lxdies is a bilingual, episodic gig-theatre show intertwining poetry and music to represent a linguistic map of the Womxn of Wales, exploring a reclamation of their sense of Womxnhood, Welshness, sexuality and identity. It’s a conversation across the centuries, with an exploration into the blending of music genres like Welsh folk with Lo-Fi beats.
Featuring the voices of over 100 Welsh Womxn – from historical poet Gwerful Mechain who wrote an ode to her vagina in the Middle Ages, to verbatim voice notes from contemporary Welsh Womxn about vibrators and Tom Jones – you won’t want to miss this!
TICKETS £15.00