New Precipice Walk

View towards Barmouth Bridge

Walks - The New Precipice Walk


The New Precipice Walk is one of the Mawddach Estuary’s classic trails, and is now home to an ambitious scheme to make such spectacular viewpoints accessible to a wider range of people.

New Precipice walk route map
New Precipice walk route map

The estuary is glacial in origin, and as the ice sheets pushed their way to the sea, they carved out a characteristic U-shaped valley with a flattish bottom and steep sidewalls. The Precipice is a flat track cut into the valley side on the slopes of Foel Ispri, and makes use of an old tramway built to serve the long abandoned workings of the Voel Goldmine.

There are stunning views down the Mawddach estuary as far as Barmouth viaduct and across to Dolgellau and the Arans in the other direction.

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  1. The Mawddach Trail
    The famous ‘Railway Walk’ between Barmouth and Dolgellau along the edge of the estuary.
    Rated: Straightforward
  2. The Mawddach Way
    A three day 50km circular route around the estuary.
    Rated: Difficult
  3. The Mawddach Round
    A 28 mile circular route taking in the summit of Cadair Idris and Diffwys.
    Rated: Difficult
  4. Taith Ardudwy Way
    A linear route joining the railway station at Llandecwyn to Barmouth
    Rated: Difficult
  5. Panorama Walk
    Stunning views of the Mawddach estuary, Barmouth Bridge and Cadair Idris. Choice of routes.
    Rated: Straightforward / Challenging / Difficult
  6. The Precipice Walk
    A Victorian Classic at the head of the Mawddach estuary.
    Rated: Challenging
  7. New Precipice Walk
    Views down the Mawddach estuary as far as Barmouth viaduct and across to Dolgellau and the Arans. Choice of routes.
    Rated: Straightforward / Difficult
  8. The Torrent Walk
    A fairy-tale walk around a moss-encrusted river valley.
    Rated: Challenging
  9. Arthog Falls
    A bracing climb alongside the waterfalls running through ancient woodland.
    Rated: Challenging
  10. Farchynys
    A woodland walk on the very edge of the river Mawddach, with views up and down the estuary and over to Cadair Idris.
    Rated: Challenging
  11. Abergwynant Woods
    A woodland walk accessed via the Mawddach Trail
    Rated: Challenging