The Mawddach Estuary

Barmouth Bridge on the Mawddach estuary

Activities and events around the Mawddach Estuary, Wales

As a base for your holiday, the Mawddach estuary has it all: epic walks and bike rides along quiet country lanes and cycleways, dramatic mountains, pretty beaches, adrenaline packed activities and quality eating and drinking venues. Find out what’s on and where to stay on your holiday or weekend break.

Events and activities in Barmouth, Dolgellau and all around the Mawddach Estuary

What’s On? Find all the events and activities happening in Barmouth, Dolgellau and the surrounding Mawddach Estuary. More…

Information about walks around the Mawddach Estuary

Walking. Choose from a selection of both classic favourites and newly planned walks around the Mawddach Estuary. More…

Information about cycling around the Mawddach Estuary

Cycling. A whole host of cycling and mountain biking routes, maps and guides to suit every ability. More…